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Technology Services

iOS & Android platform development and support

Technology Infrastructure, Networking, Monitoring and Maintenance

Help Desk Call Center Tiers 1-3

Mobile Platforms are developed for smart devices, with the goal of solving a problem in business operations, or to reach new markets. These software applications are designed to run on all mobile devices, and on iOS and Android operating systems, regardless of screen size on smartphones, tablets or computers.

IT infrastructure delivers all assets and support services needed built and maintain a business: data centers, servers, networks, computer hardware and software, storage, and other equipment. IT infrastructure includes both physical assets and virtual assets (software, virtual machines, virtual servers). Maintenance is an ongoing process to guarantee staff and users have no technology roadblocks that hamper productivity and performance.

Tier 1 - Basic help desk resolution and service support

Tier 2 - In-depth technical support

Tier 3 - Expert product and service support, responsible for handling the most difficult and advanced problems

Cisco, Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure Setup & Maintenance

Internal and External systems setup and maintenance of Cisco, Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. Recommendations can be made during consultations. 

Business Development Solutions

Product Development Support

UI/UX Design

Pitch Deck Design &
Financial Projections

Using Design Thinking to support client goals. Problem solving requires new ideas, features and functions in order to enter new markets with products and promotion concepts. TIL conducts feasibility studies for new products in target markets and completes market research for product launches.

UI refers to the tangible designs, buttons, icons and other visual elements that users interact with when using a website, mobile app, web app, or other smart devices.


UX refers to the entire interaction users have with a product, including how they feel about the interaction with the product. 

A pitch deck, also referred to as a startup pitch deck or slide deck, provides investors with essential information about the business, product or services, marketing strategies, financial projections, key metrics on users and projected use growth and fundraising needs.

Professional Support Services

From technical assistance on implementation of software and hardware, to on-site maintenance.

You can expect a support response within 24 hours of your inquiry.



Our support team is available by email and by phone. All inquiries will be responded to within 24 hours.




Make an appointment for a face-to-face meeting and in receive depth support through video conferencing and web chat conferencing.



In-person or remote training is available as you incorporate TIL solutions into your business, school, or personal life. Account Managers will schedule trainings and work with you to develop a plan for implementation.

Additional training and professional development is available via PDF and video training guides.



An experienced professional will join you in person and work with the your team to provide solutions to software or hardware questions.

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